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LinkBy is the most powerful social sales platform for content creators and influencers.

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Unified Social Platform
Everything you need to move products from link to door
LinkBy brings together everything that’s required to build, manage, and run your very own social storefront. From setting up your storefront, to handling orders and everything in between, we help you stay focused on what you do best — engaging your community.
Sell what you actually like

Your fans shop based on what you recommend, get a piece of the pie

Easily access top international brands and popular local brands through LinkBy’s Brand & Product Marketplace.

A storefront reflecting your authentic self

Your very own select shop. All inside one link, link by you

Build your own personalized digital storefront and shop experience that represents you 24/7.

Your very own operations team

Leave us with all the heavy lifting, literally & figuratively

From order and payment processing, to shipment and delivery — and everything in between — we handle all operations for you.

Access Top Brands with Brand & Product Marketplace
Recommend and sell popular brands you already love from Brand & Product Marketplace and start earning commissions. No manual work required.
Storefront that Reflect Your Authentic Self
Link by you, build your very own select shop. Select products and personalized designs in under 3 minutes with LinkBy Storefront Builder. Tap, tap and it's all yours.
Your Very Own Customer Support Team
LinkBy Operations handles all the manual work for you: orders & payments, shipments & delivery, and customer support. Just do what you love — engaging your community.
Retain and Gain Control Over Your VIP Fans
LinkBy Social CRM helps you manage contact information for fans, leads, and customers. Stay top of mind with your VIP fans, track new fans & leads' progress in real time.
Grow Your Business with Ease
LinkBy Sales Playbook automatically guides your customers to make converting sales easier. These tactics are proven best practices from 20,000 brands in Social & EC.
Gain Smart and Actionable Insight
LinkBy Analytics helps you grow with actionable insights on content performances, fan behaviors, and trends. All insights are powered by AI across 2 billion social posts.

Launch your LinkBy store now

LinkBy brings together everything that’s required to build, manage, and run your very own social storefront

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